Losers of Three Straight, Packers Look to Rebound Against Redskins

Green Bay Packers v Tennessee TitansLet’s not mince words here, it hasn’t been good. Each week the Green Bay Packers look like a dumpster fire, doesn’t really help build any confidence to think that this is a playoff caliber team. They just suck right now. They can’t win a game.

The Packers will take on the Washington Redskins on Sunday night, and if they don’t win this one, you can stick a fork in their playoff hopes. This team is not going to get a wildcard berth, and with the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit lions both winning today, they cannot afford to go down two games.

What is wrong with this team? Yes, they have injuries, but injuries don’t mean that you go down 21-0 against a team like the Tennessee Titans in the first quarter. They’re inconsistent and are giving up way too many big plays.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is still putting up “good” numbers, but it doesn’t matter when you’re putting up those numbers when the game is out of reach. He’s missing throws, averaging a lot less per attempt, and throwing interceptions. All uncharacteristic of the quarterback we’ve come to know.

We need to finally acknowledge that yes, this team has problems, but how are they going to fix it? This is a team that had super bowl aspirations when the year started, and now they’re 4-5 and on the verge of missing the playoffs for the first time since 2008.

One things for sure. They need their injured players back. They’ll get a bit of a boost on both sides of the ball this week by getting back Tight End Jared Cook on offense, and Linebacker Clay Matthews on defense.

Hopefully the other holes get filled as the season goes on, and they can stop the boat from sinking before it’s too late.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on what’s wrong with the Packers, and how you think that they can fix them.




Packers’ D Shines Against Giants, Offense Inconsistent

9599689-kyler-fackrell-eli-manning-nfl-new-york-giants-green-bay-packers-850x560Another week, another Green Bay Packers win. However, in what seems to be an increasing trend, we wonder, what has happened to this offense?

The Packers beat the New York Giants 23-16 on Sunday Night Football at Lambeau Field last Sunday, a game where Quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw two, count em, TWO interceptions.

You could probably count the amount of games in Rodgers’ career where he’s thrown multiple interceptions on one hand. It’s very uncharacteristic for the most proficient passer in NFL history.

But when is this offense going to get back on track? They’re ranked 25th in the league in total yards, and 27th in the league in passing yards.

Every week seems to be the week that the Packers’ offense is going to perform to its potential, but ever since the horrible showing against the Denver Broncos in 2015, they haven’t been the same in years past. The longer this goes on, the more I worry if they’ll ever get back to their 2009 – 2014 form.

Luckily for this team, when the offense starts to struggle, the defense shines. The Packers’ pass rush has been great this year, and their run defense, phenomenal. They’re ranked first in the league, only allowing only 42.8 rushing yards a game. That’s ridiculous.

They also do continue to win, despite their struggles, and their only loss on the season is against the 5-0 Minnesota Vikings, the only undefeated team left in the NFL. Nothing to be ashamed about also considering the game was at Minnesota.

One thing is for sure, and they’ve proven it year after year. Once playoff time comes around, they will be competitive, and they can play with anybody, anywhere.

The Packers will have another chance to get back to form this Sunday at Lambeau against the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have played really well this season, despite having a rooking Running back and Quarterback.

But what do you think? Are you worried about the Packers’ offense? Do you think it will get better as the season goes on? Or do you think this trend is here to stay? Leave a comment and let me know!

Back at It Again

usatsi_9535458_1473621207290_5996755_ver1-0I’m back! After a year and a half long vacation We Bleed Green and Gold is back for more Green Bay Packer’s coverage.

But you probably didn’t notice. Oh well, no biggie. It’s just the greatest Packers blog of all time. And it was missing from your life. But now it’s back. Back to fill that empty void in your soul

So this is kind of awkward because we’re already four weeks into the season, but it’s okay. I’ll use this post to catch up my thoughts on how the season has panned out so far. It’s at least a bye week, so it’s a good time to recap.

First of all, when I saw the week four bye when the schedule was first released, I thought it was a bum deal. It’s way too early in the season for a bye week right? I was wrong. Especially for the Packers right now. Their defense looks like a grade school student who had excess lunch money, beaten up.

Sorry that was a terrible joke. Just kidding, it was awesome and true. Against the Detroit Lions in week three, the Packers were missing cornerback Sam Shields, safety Morgan Burnett, linebacker Clay Matthews, and defensive tackle Letroy Guion. All pretty important parts of the defense, that has been excellent against the run so far this season, but spotty in pass coverage.

659176_7vike091916Second, the Packers are 2-1 on the season with their only loss coming at the Minnesota Vikings in week two. Did I have them winning that game? Of course I did. But Sam Bradford? Are you kidding me? I don’t know where that performance came from, but he absolutely destroyed Packers cornerback Demarious Randall.

The Vikings defense is legitimate this year. Way better than I thought they would be. Their front seven is tops in the league, and they’ve still got safety Harrison Smith in the secondary who’s as good as ever.

But do I think they are a threat to the Packers this season? No…

Congratulations Minnesota, you won a week two game at home against a Packers team that shot themselves in the foot multiple times. Oh yeah, and you won by three. Do I sound like a sore loser? Yes. But am I confident that when crunch time comes Minnesota will be Minnesota? Absolutely.

Sorry, but until Minnesota can win a playoff game in this decade, I’m not going to take them seriously. They’re good. I’ll give them that. They will most likely be a playoff team, but in the end, give me Aaron Rodgers and a good Packers defense against Sam Bradford and a really good Vikings defense.

Just my two cents. We’ll see what happens next.

Agree? Leave a comment. Disagree? Leave a comment and tell me I’m wrong.

It’s good to be back.