Midseason Report

9644374-aaron-rodgers-matt-ryan-nfl-green-bay-packers-atlanta-falcons-850x560Well, it may seem crazy considering the Green Bay Packers lost last week, but I do believe that last weeks’ 33-32 loss to the Atlanta Falcons was one of the most promising games of the season thus far.

The offense finally resembled what we knew back in 2014, even though they were down a few key players. The defense, which was especially handicapped, looked as good as they could, going up against the top offense in the league, and being down their top three corners.

This team needs to get healthy, and I believe they will. They are starting to get into midseason form, and by the end of the season, if they can get their key players back, they can get hot. They have the players to win a super bowl. Aaron Rodgers just needs to be Aaron Rodgers.

This is the most up and down season for Rodgers I’ve ever seen, but he’s been getting on a hot streak lately and it looks promising. He’s posted a quarterback rating of 102.2 and 125.5 the last two weeks, and he’s about to go up against a bad Indianapolis Colts defense this week.

Also, the running game continues to be a huge concern and question mark for this team. They’re really missing running back Eddie Lacy, and doing everything they can to fill the hole his injury has caused. They’re getting their rushing yards in unconventional ways, relying on wide receivers and Rodgers’ legs. Hopefully receiver Ty Montgomery can be enough to help fill that void in the next couple weeks.

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