Blowout City: Rodgers Best in the League?

Jordy Nelson of the Green Bay PackersFor the first time in franchise history, the Green Bay Packers have scored 50+ points in back to back games.

The Packers demolished the Philadelphia Eagles 53-20 on Sunday and won by executing on all three aspects of the game. They scored on offense, defense and special teams which led them to another blowout victory.

The Packers have outscored their opponents 219-85 at Lambeau field this season and according to many, including myself, are the favorites to win the NFC.

But just how good is this Packer team? Are they better than they were in 2010? 2011? My answer is yes.

Besides the hiccup against the New Orleans Saints, the Packers have been rolling winning six of their last seven games.

One reason they are better than previous years is the play of quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

He is playing the best football in his career right now and is playing better than any other quarterback in the NFL. He has 28 touchdowns to 3 interceptions on the season and is reading and anticipating defenses as well as he ever has.

In the NFL, there are a few Quarterbacks that can be considered elite. Tom Brady, Payton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers are in a class by themselves. Drew Brees has fallen out, and Andrew Luck is working his way in.

However, Rodgers has started to separate himself into a class of his own.

Brady fans will have their arguments of why Brady is better and Manning fans will have their arguments of why Manning is better, but as someone who has watched all three of these quarterbacks play numerous games; Rodgers has to be the best.

Here is why.

Rodgers is one of the most athletic quarterbacks in the NFL and no doubt more athletic than Brady and Manning combined. His ability to move in the pocket and escape the pocket is rivaled by few.

Rodgers accuracy and arm strength are both also greater than Brady and Manning. His ability to throw an accurate deep ball is a tier above Brady and a few more tiers above Manning.

Finally, what makes Rodgers the most dangerous quarterback in the league has to be his ability to throw on the run.

Rodgers has the capability to extend plays far after the pocket has broken down. By rolling out to his right or left, he gives his receivers more time to get open and makes life difficult for any defense.

Looking at numbers, it’s not even close.

A quarterback’s passer rating measures the efficiency at which they are playing the game. The maximum number a quarterback can earn is 158.3 and the lowest is zero.

After 10 games in the 2014 season, Brady has a passer rating of 102.0, Manning has a passer rating of 107.1, and Rodgers has a passer rating of 120.1.

The touchdown to interception ratio for the three is Brady 24:5, Manning 30:9, and Rodgers 28:3.

Manning may have more touchdown passes this season so far than Rodgers, but he has thrown nearly 100 more passes. (407 to 313)

Rodgers is averaging the most yards per attempt this season, 8.78, which proves that he is getting the most out of his passes compared to anyone else in the league.

Another reason this team is rolling and better than years past is the improvement of the defense each week. The Eagles came in on Sunday leading the NFC in points per game, but the Packers shut them down convincingly.

The Pack was already up 17-0 before the Eagles earned their first points and were up 30-6 at the half. The Eagles managed just two touchdowns all game and were basically outscored by the Packers defense and special teams which scored three touchdowns on Sunday.

Julius Peppers of the Green Bay PackersJulius Peppers tallied his second pick six of the season in the third quarter when he intercepted Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez and showed off his athleticism by outrunning the Eagles offense and shaking off tackles as he made his way into the end zone.

The signing of Peppers looks more genius each week as he continues to rack up more impact plays per week. Hats are off to Packers general manager Ted Thompson for bringing in a 34-year-old who most thought was finished.

The Packers will travel to Minnesota to take on the 4-6 Vikings in what is the definition of a trap game, especially with the New England Patriots coming to Lambeau in two weeks. However, if I know anything about this Packer team, they will most definitely be ready for Minnesota and will want to build on their momentum moving forward.


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