Packers Hot in Miami

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay PackersIn what was one of those heart attack type of games for Packer fans, the Green Bay Packers won their third straight game against former offensive coordinator Joe Philbin and the Miami Dolphins 27-24.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers continued his elite play in this 2014 campaign and continues to make his case to be considered as the best quarterback in the league. He added three more touchdowns against the Dolphins which also included a game winning throw to tight-end Andrew Quarless with three seconds left on the clock.

With the win, the Packers are now 4-2 on the season, and Rodgers made what looks like the play of the year so far on the Packers final drive.

With the clock running out, he went rouge and faked a spike. He fooled everyone on the Miami defense and threw the ball for a quick 12 yard gain to rookie receiver Davante Adams who had the awareness to get out of bounce and set up the game winning touchdown.

Over the three game winning streak, Rodgers has had 10 touchdowns to zero interceptions and is no doubt in the race for league MVP. There isn’t many other teams where one player is as vital to its success as he is, and he continues to prove it each week.

Although the Packers did struggle for a significant amount of the game, there is a lot to be excited about with this win.

There are no easy games when it comes to the NFL. The San Diego Chargers proved that on Sunday as well on Sunday by barely squeaking past the Oakland Raiders. Even though Green Bay was expected to win this game, playing on the road is never easy, especially in a state where Rodgers came in 0-3 for his career. A win is a win, and when a team can pull it off in that fashion, it’s a real energizer.

The Packers comeback against the New York Jets and now Dolphins are real character building games. They are games a team has to win if they hope to compete for a championship. It definitely shows the fight and character of this team, and hopefully it will keep them playing tough in following weeks.

With each game however, it is getting tougher and tougher to figure out this defense. They played great in the first half by only allowing three points and forcing two turnovers, but completely fell apart in the second half. They allowed three straight touchdowns and looked like a completely different unit. I’m hoping the Packers defense is more of what we saw early in the game and not what we saw late.

The injury bug seemed to hit this defense during the game as Sam Shields, Tramon Williams, and Jamari Lattimore went out with injuries. However, according to head coach Mike McCarthy, all three seem to have avoided anything major and shouldn’t be out for long, which is great news for now.

Davante Adams of the Green Bay Packers and Courtland Finnegan of the Miami DolphinsAs for the offense, rookie receiver Davante Adams stepped up big with six catches for 77 yards that also included Rodgers’ fake spike play that set up the game winning score. He is becoming the viable third receiver I and the Packers hoped he’d be and is really taking advantage of his opportunities with Jarrett Boykin injured for the last couple of weeks.

The Packers will head back to Lambeau next week for their third home game of the season against the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers are coming of a tie against the Cincinnati Bengals and look like a different team each week. It’s uncertain which Panther team will show up next Sunday, but there is no doubt that Rodgers and the offense should be able to take advantage of what looks like a horrendous defense.


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