Free Agency Frenzy: Is No Move the Right Move?

Sam Shields of the Green Bay PackersWhat a surprise! After a few days into the NFL’s 2014 free agency period, all the Packers have done is resign three of their own players and had a meeting with an aging tight end. It’s no wonder why a majority of Packer fans are voicing their frustration as Ted Thompson continues to sit on his hands while every big name free agent signs off to another team.

But here’s the question, is this bad or actually good for the Packers?

A week ago I would have been leading that mob of frustrated fans raising torches and pitchforks, but after going back and forth and weighing both sides, I’ve had a change of heart. Maybe Ted Thompson isn’t as stubborn as I thought he was, and actually knows what he is doing. Not that unbelievable right?

Unlike Green Bay, it seems that most teams in the NFL don’t get the point of free agency, and every year different teams rush to sign the big name players. They end up being way overpriced and in many situations don’t end up being a great fit, or can’t live up to the money they are paid. Remember Darrelle Revis’s big contract with the Bucs? How long did he last? What did the Buccaneers get out of it? They basically paid him 16 million to rehab his knee. If you want another example, maybe ask Washington if they’re still sour about Albert Haynesworth’s 100 million dollar contract.

Of course Darrelle Revis was traded, but the key still rings true for both traded players and free agents. The key is value, and that most likely isn’t found in the first day of free agency. It’s best to wait for the market to settle down and get players for what you think they are worth rather than what they think they are worth, and lucky for us, the Packers get that.

Now let’s look at some of the teams that have been very active so far in free agency, Cleveland and Tampa Bay. Not exactly model franchises.

But what about Denver? They’re fresh off a Super Bowl appearance and doing everything they can to get in position for another Super Bowl push. This however will come at a great price. Denver is basically mortgaging their future with all the money they are spending right now.According to the Packers own Vic Ketchman, “Their plan is all or nothing.” They know they have a small window with Manning and want to win now. These huge contracts they are giving are most likely back loaded, meaning they’ll have to pay out later, and once that happens they’ll be in a situation like the Cowboys are in this year called salary cap hell. They’ll have to restructure deals and/or cut players. Not really a quality plan for the Packers to follow.

I’m not saying that the Packers shouldn’t sign anyone, in fact, if Ted Thompson doesn’t make a move in the next couple weeks, I’ll be right back leading that mob. The defense has holes to fill and definitely needs more depth which was proven last season, but they don’t have to be filled by the most expensive players. There are still valuable players out there that have something left in the tank.

So relax Packer fans, this year’s draft will be plentiful and filled with players who aren’t past their prime. Would you rather have Stephen Jackson or Eddie Lacy?  ESPN’s Bill Polian couldn’t have said it better. “The real difference-makers will come from the draft. What you look for in free agency, are players who can contribute.”

And with that, this is what I feel about the current free agent situation regarding the Packers. Do you agree or disagree? Are you part of the mob of frustrated fans, or do you trust Ted Thompson? What do you think the Packers should do or should have done? Leave a comment below and let me know!


3 thoughts on “Free Agency Frenzy: Is No Move the Right Move?

  1. The Packers are doing exactly what they should be doing right now. They re-signed Sam Shields, which that should be an obvious good idea. BJ Raji has been lackluster but if he wasn’t re-signed then their entire D-Line would be all Rookies or new people to the system. By keeping him and then drafting deep on D-line they will push Raji to perform while simultaneously giving the Draftee’s a target to aim at. Signing quarless was probably a good Idea too, they’ll probably have a similar situation on there hands in that position as well. I think the key to a stronger Defense next year is the draft. Seahawks proved that a fast, young, and tough group of players is what wins on defense. I think it would be wise to draft deep on defense, and in the next week sign free agents for O-line.

  2. Oh and to all those holding pitchforks over not signing away all of our money in free agency. You’ll be thankful next year when we need to re-sign Cobb and Jordy and actually have the money to do it.

    • Great points! I definitely agree with you that the Packers have made the right moves so far. B.J. Raji will also be playing for a big contract so we’ll surely get his best next year as he tries to prove he’s worth big money. Hopefully he can return to his 2010 form as he switches back to NT. And as for Cobb and Jordy, I’d definitely want to make sure they’re taken care of before throwing money at an overpriced free agent.

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